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Dominic Dascola (Dom) went to college in 1932 and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1936 with an LS&A degree. In 1937, he earned a Masters degree in Linguistics while working as a barber at the Michigan Union.

Ernest Dascola (Ernie) went to college at Eastern Normal (now Eastern Michigan University) and received an undergraduate degree. His barbering career started in 1938 at the Groomwells Barber and Beauty shop located at 615 East Liberty. In April of 1939, Groomwells was bought by Dominic.

Dom and Ernie worked together until Ernie opened his own shop at Arborland Mall when it first opened in the 1960's. Eventually, Dom opened another shop at Maple Village, leaving the Liberty shop to his older brother Patsy.

Robert Dascola (Bob), Dominic's son, went to Greene's Barber College in 1965 and graduated in 1966. He then went to work with his uncle Ernie at the Arborland store until he was drafted into the Army in 1967. Bob returned to Ann Arbor in 1969 and again worked with Ernie until early 1970's when he moved to his own shop at 611 E. University, calling it U-M barbers.

Bob eventually moved to the original shop on Liberty St. in 1983. In 2001, Bob closed the Liberty shop due to extreme rent inflation. In January of 2002, Bob reopened Dascola Barbers at its present location 304½ South State Street. Dascola's greatest reward for working on the campus of the University of Michigan he says, "is the greatest informal education that money couldn't buy." Bob's greatest thrill was having a visit from opera sensation, Cecilia Bartoli in 1996 at the Liberty Street shop where the history of the Dascola Barbers began.

The Dascola Barber shop has been in Ann Arbor for over 70 years and continues its tradition of loyalty and excellent service to the people of Ann Arbor.


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